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About Us

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Sentry Fence began in 1979 when two friends each with

a pickup truck joined talents to form a company.

Growth was slow but steady. Over the years employees were added and projects increased in size and difficulty.

Sentry Fence began with residential fencing and now focuses on Commercial/industrial projects including business sites, schools, athletic facilities, county and state prisons. We've worked with nationally recognized organizations including Amazon, Bridgestone, Goodyear & the City of Akron.

Now, over 40 years later, Sentry Fence has expanded under the careful eye of Ed Fogarty and son Patrick. Our expertise has been acknowledged by receiving CMI's  2020 Les Grube Award, an annual award to recognize the most unique and practical way of utilizing chain link materials. 


Sentry Fence remains dedicated to providing quality fence products and installation across the country with a dedication to family values.

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